Bogsneak dragons are elusive, clever creatures that spend a great deal of time hidden from view. The Bogsneak species is the result of an accidental synthetic genetic mutation. Adults that have undergone metamorphosis into a Bogsneak can pass that genetic information on to offspring. 

Physical Attributes Edit

Bogsneaks are a mid-sized breed. They are easily recognized by their impressive head-crests, the shape and number of which can vary widely. These swamp-dwellers have long, thick necks to support these fans, which can fan open or compress depending on temperature and mood. They have robust, powerful bodies and strong arm and leg muscles that can carry them across short distances very quickly. A long, prehensile tongue and rows of sharp razor-like teeth sit in a powerful jaw. 

The average size of a Bogsneak dragon varies slightly between males and females, with males being larger on average. Male Bogsneaks average at a 6.75 meter length, 6.73 meter wingspan, and a weight of 768.28 kilograms Females average at a 6.80 meter length, 6.23 meter wingspan, and a weight of 712.34 kilograms.[1]

Secret of the Ooze Edit

The Bogsneak mutagen was discovered by infamous Pearlcatcher alchemist Baldwin after a lightning strike accidentally electrified a composition within his cauldron. The incident caused Baldwin to be covered in the concoction, and over the course of several days, his DNA metamorphosed. Studies are ongoing into the long-lasting effects of the mutation, but it is possible for skilled alchemists to create their own strain for testing on themselves. The mixture will transform the receiving individual, and many have noted an increase in physical stamina, the ability to see better in the dark, and a negation of age's effects. Once mutated, new Bogsneak dragons can successfully pass down these physical properties to offspring.


It is not uncommon to find Bogsneak dragons completely isolated from others of their own kind, as they prefer to hunt or scavenge alone. When a pair are hunting in the same area, they are likely trying to race their counterpart to an unattended bird nest or arguing about who got there first. As a species they tend to focus on self-preservation over the communal good, especially when hungry. 

Lairs Edit

Bogsneak dragons purposely find the darkest, dampest corners of their natural environment, as far away as possible from others of their own kind, and especially other dragons species. These hunter-scavengers are staunchly solitary, with bonded mates sometimes even choosing their own separate places to huddle when not producing eggs. Bogsneak create their homes by ripping up shrubs and pulling rotten logs in around themselves. 

Tactics Edit

It is unlikely a foe will see a Bogsneak until it's too late, as they are extremely adept at hiding and (as their name portends) sneaking. Though preferring to explore or hunt alone, if a family group or clan is threatened, its members will literally gang up and "come out of the woodwork" to strike, then recede back into the brush to scurry to different location and strike again. Larger dragons now completely avoid walking through thick swamps and bogs, as it is a painful nuisance to be set upon a defensive pack of Bogsneaks.

Coliseum Info Edit

Starting stats for bogsneaks at level 1 are:

7 7 6 6 7 7 6

Their starting attacks are Anticipate and Shred, but can be altered using Battle Stones.

Skins & AccentsEdit

A list of available bogsneak skins and accents can be found on the wiki. Remember that these do not include every single skin/accent on site, only the official ones that can be found during holidays, drop in the coliseum, or are for sale in the marketplace.

Trivia Edit

  • Xhaztol is the artist who designed/drew the Bogsneak breed.[2]
  • Undel has confirmed that the arrangement and number of fins on a Bogsneak Dragon's head is not gender specific; male and females can have any number of crests and cheek fins.[3]
  • The Bogsneak breed was hinted at in the Weekly Q&A on October 5th, 2015[4][5]



  • Dragons who have a Bogsneak breed change scroll used on them become much tinier than they are supposed to be, around the size of Fae dragons. Nocturnes have the same bug with their scrolls.

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