The Coatl (CO - ah - TUHL)[1] originate from Emberglow Hearth, where most of the species regularly migrate to nest among the warm ashfall.

Physical Attributes

Coatl dragons are mid-sized breed with serpentine characteristics and beautiful, vibrant plumage. Their prehensile tail can be used to secure a perch or hold custom tools. Coatl are most commonly born in bright, chromatic colors, with both male and female coatl being equally flashy; there is little sexual dimorphism among the species. An unhealthy Coatl can be identified by fading plumage. Dull colors are regarded by other Coatl with sorrow and trepidation. Coatl who are naturally born grey or white are regarded as bad omens, and often exiled from nests to protect the rest of the clutch from catching illness or ill luck.


These dragons are an agreeable lot, and attempt to placate enemies and competitors with small gifts of metal. This behavior has served them well, as cross-species communication suffers from much that is lost in translation. These communication problems stem from the unique way in which Coatl perceive sound. They do not have a traditional ear structure, but are still able to discern and interpret vibrations in the air. Their hearing is not as keen as dragons with eardrums.

Coatl are one of the few species to have a native tongue. They hum a series of different pitches at varying intervals to communicate. The result is far from lovely to other dragon species, as sour notes and incomprehensible melody grates on their senses. Coatl can speak and interpret traditional draconic with difficulty, but have no capacity to understand the monotone Fae species.


Natural Coatl lairs exist exclusively in the Ashfall Waste. They are open-air affairs, with many sloping shelves carved close to the furnace-like heat of molten pools. Coatl dragons that migrate away from their homeland prefer to allow other dragon species to choose the shape and function of lairs, as they have very little knowledge of lair construction and maintenance. They make for polite, if oddly murmuring, denmates.

Dragon species gain their elemental magic within the egg, imbued by the aura of the nearest deity. Coatl dragons are no exception to this, and one would think that as a result there would be a great variety in Coatl elemental subtypes; however, this is not the case. Most Coatl are tightly bound to the Flamecaller's forge, as Coatl feel an instinctive drive to return to Emberglow Hearth to raise their nests. This desire to brood in sweltering temperatures sees most Coatl growing up with fire as the calling of the hatchling's magic. It takes a strong will for adult dragons to resist the urge to return "home" during mating season.


When a gift will not settle a disagreement, a Coatl is not shy about protecting itself or its clan. When a dispute cannot be settled peacefully, a Coatl will transition from appeasement to combat in a split second, awarding them the first strike nine times out of ten. While other species generally regard Coatl as a friendly species, they all agree that these dragons have a temper.

Coliseum Info

Starting stats for Coatl at level 1 are:

6 5 7 7 7 6 6

Their starting attacks are Meditate and Contuse, but can be altered using Battle Stones.

Skins & Accents

A list of available coatl skins and accents can be found on the wiki. Remember that these do not include every single skin/accent on site, only the official ones that can be found during holidays, drop in the coliseum, or are for sale in the marketplace.


  • In the official art, the female Coatl's feather crest is in a relaxed position while the male's is flared outward[2]
  • The average Coatl finds grayscale colors to be very sickly-looking; pastel and non-saturated colors are not ideal, and may indicate ill health[3]
  • Currently, the Coatl is one of two rare breeds (the other being the Wildclaw), and both breed change scrolls costs the player gems


  • The Coatl breed was released on January 4th, 2014[4]

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