The Coliseum is an area in which your dragons can face off against a variety of colorful, dangerous monsters for loot and experience.



Note the color difference. On the left are two dragons that can't fight and on the right is when their energy is replenished.

Within the Coliseum, you can organize a party of up to three dragons, equip them with abilities (known as Battle Stones), allocate their stats, and pick stages to fight within. Each stage has a recommended level range and is chock full of unique adversaries. Dragons who are defeated "fall asleep"—if all dragons on a team fall asleep, they will lose 5 energy points each and start the next battle without the resources they've built up; dragons cannot be permanently harmed by battling in the Coliseum. If a dragon is lacking enough energy to fight, their image in Organize Party is colored red.
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Party RestrictionsEdit

Coliseum parties must contain 1 to 3 dragons. In order to be in a party a dragon must:

  • be an adult
  • be named, and
  • have sufficient energy.

Nesting dragons can be in Coliseum parties.

Areas to BattleEdit

When starting a Monster Battle, there are several areas to battle in (commonly referred to as venues):

Venue Level Monsters encountered most often
Training Fields 1-3 Neutral (18%)
Woodland Path 4-6 Neutral (22%), Nature (20%)
Scorched Forest 7-8 Neutral (32%), Fire (31%)
Sandswept Delta 9-10 Shadow (27%), Light (24%)
Blooming Grove 11 Nature (26%)
Forgotten Cave 12 Neutral (31%), Earth (27%)
Bamboo Falls 13 Neutral (28%), Wind (25%), Water (23%)
Thunderhead Savanna 14 Neutral (28%), Lightning (21%)
Redrock Cove 15 Water (46%), Neutral (35%)
Waterway 16 Light (22%), Water (21%), Neutral (21%)
Arena 17 Neutral (28%), Light (26%)
Volcanic Vents 18 Fire (34%), Neutral (25%)
Rainsong Jungle 19 Nature (38%), Neutral (30%), Earth (25%)
Boreal Wood 20 Ice (25%), Neutral (21%)
Crystal Pools 21 Neutral (40%), Arcane (35%)
Harpy's Roost 22 Wind (41%), Neutral (39%)
Ghostlight Ruins 23 Neutral (39%), Shadow (31%)
Mire 24 Plague (29%), Neutral (29%)
Kelp Beds 25 Water (42%), Shadow (26%), Neutral (26%)
Golem Workshop 25 Lightning (27%), Neutral (26%)
Forbidden Portal 25 Arcane (15%), Neutral (15%)


Dragons gain experience for each battle in a reasonably challenging venue, up to level 25. For every level, a dragon gains 30 additional health points.[1] New levels are gained when sufficient experience has been accumulated. Ability to earn experience—and bonus experience for the area—is determined by the highest-level dragon on the team.

Examples: a team with a level 11 and two level 10s won't gain a bonus from the Sandswept Delta, because the level 11 is fighting below its recommended level, but the team will gain a bonus in the Blooming Grove. A team that includes a level 25 dragon will earn no experience in the Rainsong Jungle or any lower-level venue, except against the rare boss monsters.

Level Experience
Difference Level Experience
1 0 0 14 216,227 45,676
2 245 245 15 270,388 54,161
3 886 641 16 331,269 60,881
4 2,287 1,401 17 403,235 71,966
5 6,314 4,027 18 484,854 81,619
6 11,859 5,545 19 577,289 92,435
7 20,239 8,380 20 681,852 104,563
8 32,120 11,881 21 793,539 111,687
9 48,129 16,009 22 921,048 127,509
10 69,655 21,526 23 1,057,258 136,210
11 97,331 27,676 24 1,204,710 147,452
12 131,595 34,264 25 1,363,652 158,942
13 170,551 38,956


Every dragon (and monster) has seven stats. Each stat point added increases the following:

  • Strength (STR) - increases physical attack damage
  • Agility (AGI) - increases critical hit chance and dodge chance
  • Vitality (VIT) - increases maximum health, each point adds 20 health points
  • Quickness (QCK) - increases how frequently the dragon has turns
  • Intelligence (INT) - increases magical attack damage and healing amount through magical abilities
  • Defense (DEF) - increases defense against physical attacks
  • Mind (MND) - increases defense against magical attacks

Each battle stone has its own mathematical equation based on a dragon's stats to determine how much damage is dealt when used. When a critical hit is struck it deals twice the normal damage. The minimum amount of damage for a normal attack is 1, and the minimum critical hit amount is 2.[2]

Battle ItemsEdit

Battle items can be used during battle. Most are usually abilities or attacks that are equipped to your dragons before battle. Non-attack items include potions that heal your dragons or that remove negative status effects.

Battle StonesEdit

Battle Stones are used to increase the stats of your dragons or add new attacks and abilities. Some require the dragon to be at a certain level before that stone can be equipped, others are elemental and can only be used by dragons of a certain element.


Different monsters will fight you, and they vary between areas in the Coliseum. The enemies you fight have unique items that drop from them, and some of them may even join you as familiars after the battle.

Each monster has a different elemental alignment and skill set depending on the venue they are found in. Some venues are more heavily populated by monsters of a certain element, e.g. the Boreal Wood has more Ice-aligned monsters than any other venue.

See also: A list of monsters found in each venue.

Boss MonstersEdit

Some venues have special "boss" monsters that appear less often than normal monsters. These monsters always appear alone and are visually larger than the other monsters, and in addition have more health and deal more damage. Each venue that contains a boss has two color variants of it with different elements. The Coarsefur Yeti is a special case as it is stronger and rarer than the other Boreal Wood monsters, but does not have a counterpart and does not always appear alone. However it was the first and only boss-like monster that existed in the Coliseum for a while. Many users refer to it as a "miniboss" instead of a full-fledged boss monster.

The Training Fields, Woodland Path, Scorched Forest, Sandswept Delta, Forgotten Cave, and Bamboo Falls do not have boss monsters.

Elemental MatchupsEdit

Each monster has one of the eleven elemental types or it is neutral. Certain elements fare better or worse against other types. Your dragons' elements can play a key role in whether you win or lose a battle, if the levels are evenly matched.

Below is both a written chart and a visual chart.

Elemental Properties
Best Against Good Against Normal Bad Against Worst Against
Arcane Lightning Shadow, Light X Earth, Wind Nature
Earth Fire Arcane, Lightning X Water, Nature Wind
Fire Nature Plague, Ice X Water, Shadow Earth
Ice Water Nature, Plague X Fire, Lightning Shadow
Light Plague Wind, Shadow X Arcane, Nature Lightning
Lightning Light Water, Ice X Earth, Wind Arcane
Nature Arcane Earth, Light X Plague, Ice Fire
Plague Shadow Water, Nature X Ice, Fire Light
Shadow Ice Wind, Fire X Arcane, Light Plague
Water Wind Earth, Fire X Lightning, Plague Ice
Wind Earth Lightning, Arcane X Shadow, Light Water

  • Best - you do increased damage and the opponent does reduced damage.
  • Good - you do increased damage and the opponent does normal damage.
  • Normal - the four unlisted elements you do normal damage to. You also always do reduced damage to your own element, and they always do reduced damage to you.
  • Bad - you do normal damage but your opponent does increased damage.
  • Worst - you do reduced damage and your opponent does increased damage.




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