Flight Rising currently has 14 dragon breeds. First, there are four Plentiful Breeds that are available at the start of the game, four Common Breeds, two Uncommon Breeds, two Limited Breeds, and two Rare Breeds. Each dragon breed has a hatchling form that possesses the same genes and colors as the adult it will turn into. All breeds grow up into adults after approximately five days, though their adult picture may not appear for several hours after. In this case it may be necessary to use the red counter-clockwise arrow button located to the right of the dragon's name to refresh their picture.

Each dragon species has a rarity assigned to it based on how it is obtained (without breeding). This rarity affects the likelihood that the breed will be passed on when crossbred, and the breeding cooldown that the species will acquire after creating a nest.[1] However despite their rarity status, all dragon breeds are relatively easy to come by though not always in popular colors or rarer patterns. Dragons of all breeds are always for sale in the Auction House and buying dragons from other players through the forums, either the dragon selling and trading forums, or in one's flight-specific forum is always an option.

When bred, a pair of dragons can have one to five eggs if the parents are of different breeds. Two dragons of the same breed can only lay a maximum of four eggs. This only matters for the breed itself and not the rarity category. For example, two Tundras can only have a maximum of four eggs but a Tundra and a Mirror can have up to five even though both are of Plentiful rarity.

Plentiful DragonsEdit

All Plentiful Dragons

All plentiful dragons in a variety of colors.

The four plentiful breeds - otherwise known as starter breeds - are the Fae Dragons, Guardian Dragons, Mirror Dragons, and Tundra Dragons. Upon starting an account, a user can pick the one of the four plentiful breeds and the dragon's sex, as well as the primary and secondary color of their dragon - the tertiary color will be randomly chosen. A second dragon of the opposite sex, also a plentiful dragon, will be randomly generated and to be given to the player and this dragon will be assigned a completely random color palette. These are called Progenitors and they always have basic genes.

Additionally, a user can obtain an unhatched elemental egg by scavenging or obtaining one randomly through Coliseum battles, though both of these method yield eggs rarely. These eggs, when hatched, give a plentiful dragon hatchling of random sex, colors, and breed.

Starter Breed Change scrolls are 50,000 Treasure in the Marketplace, and are found under the Specialty tab.

All plentiful dragons have a breeding cool down of 15 days.

Common DragonsEdit

All common dragons

All common dragons in a variety of colors.

The four common breeds are Pearlcatcher Dragons, Ridgeback Dragons, Snapper Dragons, and Spiral Dragons. To turn an existing breed into one of these breeds, a Breed Change Scroll must be bought and applied to the dragon. Common dragon Breed Scrolls are bought with Treasure. Like any dragon, the breeds themselves can be found on the Auction House or otherwise bought and sold from other users.

Pearlcatcher and Ridgeback Breed Scrolls are 250,000 Treasure in the Marketplace, While Snapper and Spiral Breed Scrolls are 325,000 Treasure.

All common dragons have a breeding cool down time of 20 days.

Uncommon DragonsEdit

All Uncommon dragons

All uncommon dragons in a variety of colors.

Skydancer Dragons and Bogsneak Dragons are the only uncommon dragon breeds. To turn an existing breed into one of these breeds, a Breed Change Scroll must be obtained and applied to the dragon. Skydancer scrolls can be obtained for 400,000 treasure in the Marketplace, while Bogsneak scrolls are craftable via Baldwin's Bubbling Brew at level 16 or higher.

However, like any dragon, the breeds themselves can be found on the Auction House or otherwise bought and sold from other users.

All Uncommon breeds have a cooldown time of 25 days.

Limited DragonsEdit

All limited dragons

All limited dragons in a variety of colors.

The two limited breeds are Imperial Dragons and Nocturne Dragons. To turn an existing breed into one of these breeds, a Breed Change Scroll must be obtained and applied to the dragon.

Imperials Breed Change Scrolls were only obtainable through a donation of $30 or more towards the Flight Rising Kickstarter. This awarded the player a breed change scroll so that they could turn their dragon of choice into an Imperial. Those who did not use their Kickstarter scrolls are the only ones who still have one. The scrolls can be seen from time to time up for sale, but for a very hefty price. The average player will likely never come across or use an Imperial scroll.

Nocturne Breed Change Scrolls are only obtainable through the Night of the Nocturne event. The only unhatched eggs and breed change scrolls currently available on the site are the ones that were not used by the players who obtained them during the event. These items are nowhere near as exclusive as the Imperial breed change scrolls are since Night of the Nocturne is a yearly event.

However, like any dragon, the breeds themselves can be found on the Auction House or otherwise bought and sold from other users.

All Limited dragons have a breeding cooldown time of 30 days.

Rare DragonsEdit

All rare dragons

All rare dragons in a variety of colors.

The two rare breeds are the Wildclaw Dragons and the Coatl Dragons. To turn an existing breed into one of these breeds, a Breed Change Scroll must be bought and applied to the dragon. These dragons are the only dragons whose Breed Change Scrolls cost the player Gems. Though, like any dragon, the breeds themselves can be found on the Auction House or otherwise bought and sold from other users.

Coatl Breed Scrolls are 2,000 Gems in the Marketplace, under the Specialty tab.

Wildclaw scrolls are also sold in the Marketplace for the 2,000 Gems but are not always in stock. They cycle in and out for various periods of time. Keep an eye on the Site Status box for announcements that they've been made available!

All Rare dragons have a breeding cooldown time of 35 days.


  • At site release there were only 10 available dragon breeds - Fae, Tundra, Guardian, Mirror, Pearlcatcher, Snapper, Spiral, Ridgeback, Imperial, and Wildclaw.
  • Skydancers were both the first Uncommon breed and first new breed added to the site. They were released on August 24th, 2013.
  • Coatls were released on January 4th, 2014.
  • Nocturnes were the first breed obtained through non-Marketplace means. They were released on December 21st, 2014.
  • Bogsneak Dragons are, for now, the only dragon breed created not by a deity but artificially, thanks to an alchemy "accident" that provoked a mutation.[2][3] They are also the first breed obtainable via Baldwin's Bubbling Brew and were released on September 19th, 2016.
  • It is stated in the description for the Dwarf Mushroom that eating said fungi is rumored to make a dragon shrink. However, converting dwarf mushrooms into food and feeding it to your dragons does not actually make them smaller.
  • In the mythology, the deities each made their own dragon species, though none were specifically named. This is apparent when comparing some of the deities to the dragon breeds, whom bear many similarities. For example, Tundras look like the Icewarden; Ridgebacks look like the Stormcatcher; Spirals look like the Windsinger; Snappers look like the Earthshaker; Guardians look like the Tidelord; and so on.
  • The wait after a dragon breeds increases by a rate of 5 days by each step up in rarity.
  • Some dragons are described having the ability to speak in a manner shared by humans, conveying emotion and expression. However, dragons like the Fae are told to speak in a very monotone, robotic manner, while the Coatls have their own native tongue involving humming at various pitches and intervals that seems to bother other dragons, as "sour notes and incomprehensible melody grates on their senses"[4].
    • Faes seem to convey more emotion in the movement of their head fins rather than their tone of voice. Due to the lack of fins in most other dragons, though, it is stated in their encyclopedia page that Faes have difficulty reading emotion in other breeds.[5]
  • There is little difference between male and female breeds aside from pose, though most breeds show minor detail variance (ex: Faes) or more obvious sexual dimorphism (ex: Tundras).
    • In the official art, a male Bogsneak has two rows of fins going down the sides of his neck, while a female seems to have only one running through the center. However, in the lore article for Bogsneaks there's a reference to these crests being very variable, so it might not be a trait shared by all Bogsneaks of the same sex.
    • A male Coatl has feathers that jut upwards on the side of their head and upper neck down to the base of their necks, while a female Coatl has feathers that jut out sideways on their necks rather than pointing upwards. Aequorin has confirmed that Coatl can move their feathered crests around. [6]
    • A male Ridgeback's nose horn is longer than a female's, whom have virtually none.
    • A male Fae's cheek fins point more downwards than a female's, which point upwards. Though like Coatl crest position, this is likely a moveable body part and not a specific sex trait.
    • A male Guardian has a long, stringy beard, while a female does not.
    • The skin that hangs down the Nocturne's chin and neck is larger around the throat on males than females. The teeth/spikes on the jaw of a male Nocturne are also larger than on a female.
    • A male Pearlcatcher has two horns on their heads, while a female only has one.
    • A male Snapper has a larger lower jaw and chin than a female's, whose jaws are even in size. Males also have more prominent fangs and a larger 'rock chin'.
    • A female Wildclaw's head feathers are longer than a male's.
    • A female Tundra's mane (the one that takes on the Secondary color) runs along the back of their neck like a horse's, while the male Tundra's mane goes all the way around his neck in a big floof of fur.
  • There are only five dragons that have names combining two different words, despite the fact that all deities (except the Arcanist) have compound names. These breeds are Bogsneaks, Ridgebacks, Pearlcatchers, Skydancers, and Wildclaws.
  • There are more dragons that have names starting with an "S" than all the other letters; Spirals, Skydancers, and Snappers.
  • The only dragon breed that has a one-syllable name is the Fae.
  • Mirrors are the only dragons that have two pairs of eyes. According to their encyclopedia page, the larger pair is able to see light, while the smaller pair closer to the snout tracks the heat signature of prey.
  • Wildclaw Breed Change Scrolls have briefly been cycled back into the Gem Marketplace three times: November 28, 2014, for four days; July 2, 2015, for one week; and March 24, 2016, for six days.
  • Wildclaws are the only dragons that walk exclusively on their hind legs. All the others usually can use their front legs as hands, but must carry their weight on four appendages, while the Wildclaws more closely resemble some sort of bipedal dinosaur, such as possibly something in the velociraptorinae subfamily. It is quite possible due to their body structure that the Wildclaws are not designed nor are capable of running effectively on four legs.
    • Wildclaws also feature a hooked claw on each of their feet, which is a trait that dinosaurs in the velociraptorinae subfamily share as well.