A well-fed clan's energy bar.

Imperial energy bar

The bar below the dragon shows its level of energy. Yellow indicates how well-fed is a dragon. Black shows its level of hunger.

Energy in Flight Rising is a measure of a dragon's happiness, motivation, and well-being. A clan's overall energy is displayed at the top right of any Flight Rising screen, as a rainbow-colored bar. Individual dragons' energy can be seen on their profile pages or in the dragon lair. Dragons have a maximum of 50 energy regardless of age or level.

You can replenish your dragons' energy in the dragon lair by feeding them; this always restores your dragons' energy to full, as long as you have enough of the correct food to give them. Each unit of food given to a dragon restores one energy.

If you keep your dragons' average energy above 80% of the maximum, or 40 energy per dragon, for at least three consecutive days, you will receive these daily bonuses:

These bonuses persist as long as you keep your dragons' energy above 80%, but as soon as the average energy of your dragons falls below 40, you lose the bonus and the counter starts over (but do not lose any gems you have accumulated).

A dragon's energy decreases at a regular rate. Dragons lose 1 energy every eight hours, at midnight, 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM (all Pacific time), for a total of 3 energy lost per day. This means that you can go up to 72 hours (three days) between feedings without losing your high-energy bonuses.

Dragons also lose energy in the Coliseum when you flee (-2 energy for each participating dragon) or when the whole team gets knocked out (-5 for each participating dragon).

Dragons become unable to breed when energy drops below 40 (80%), and are rendered ineligible to fight in the Coliseum when energy drops below 20 (40%). This can easily be fixed if you still have food you can feed them.

Trivia Edit

  • It is known for the Coliseum to freeze whilst the server reduces energy points at planned intervals. This is probably due to the mass amount of dragons on the site.