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Flight Rising is a browser-based game based around breeding, battling, and raising a clan of customizable dragons. Click here to register an account and start playing! Only one account is allowed per person. The Flight Rising server clock is a 24-hour clock (also referred to as "military time" in some places) and runs on Pacific Standard Time. When Daylight Savings Time is in effect for this timezone, it instead runs on Pacific Daylight Time.

  • Flight Rising now has official merchandise! Six t-shirt and five print designs and are available for purchase at
  • Winter Wind and Vista: Winter are now stocking in the Marketplace! They will cycle out on March 20th and be replaced with spring variations.
  • The sixth annual Mistral Jamboree will begin on March 24th at 06:00 server time. The skin/accent contest deadline is Tuesday, March 19th at 23:59 server time. Remember that submission must have something to do with the Wind Flight.
  • The newest gene is Peacock! It is a tertiary gene that can be bought in the Marketplace.
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