Gaoler Dragons (pronounced jail·er) are the first children of the Icewarden. The breed originates from The Fortress of Ends, and they have remained in the Southern Icefield for most of the modern era. As an Ancient breed, Gaolers can only breed with other Gaolers.

Physical AttributesEdit

Gaolers are a large-sized, ancient species of dragon. They are covered in a thick, coarse fur coat that protects them from extreme temperatures. While Gaolers are most comfortable in colder climates, their fur also helps to regulate their temperature in extreme heat, and they maintain their coats year round, unlike Tundras. Their gnarled antlers shed each spring and regrow during the summer months. Shed antlers are buried far away from the fastidious lairs of these wardens. Gaoler dragons have stunted, powerful wings that are used to assist in digging, climbing, and battle rather than flight.


Created to be the custodians of ancient horrors imprisoned by the Icewarden, Gaolers are duty-bound to seek out and contain the Shade and creatures alien to Sornieth. Gaoler society is highly structured and formed around 5 orders. Until a Gaoler joins an order, they are viewed as a child and do not have any responsibilities—or the respect of their brethren. When a Gaoler comes of age, they will join an order and receive a name.

Gaolers have been an isolated species for most of their existence, and have trouble navigating the modern world and politics of the warring flights.

The Five OrdersEdit

  • Seekers: An order dedicated to hunting the lands of Sornieth to capture and contain Shade creatures.
  • Sentries: An order dedicated to stalking the perimeters of Gaoler prisons. They are the first line of defense against intruders, and the last line of defense against escapees.
  • Keepers: An order dedicated to guarding lesser Shade creatures imprisoned in the mid-levels of a ward.
  • Overseers: An order dedicated to containing the largest and most ancient Horrorbeasts.
  • Sentinels: An elite guard that assist in protecting the Icewarden and the Pillar Fragment locked-away in the Fortress of Ends.
Gaoler society orders


Gaolers don't construct lairs so much as they maintain prisons. The idea of creature comforts and building a cozy abode is foreign to them, and they feel such things make other breeds of dragon soft. Gaolers who join mixed-species lairs often carve out a utilitarian space for themselves, and try and keep that area free of the knick-knacks and useless decoration of their clanmates. They do not maintain hoards.


Imposing warriors, Gaolers hunt the periphery of battlefields in groups. They use their magics and breath abilities to slow their enemies and ground aerial threats. Once hobbled, Gaolers will herd and harry their opponents until they can be contained.

Coliseum InfoEdit

Starting stats for Gaolers at level 1 are:

7 9 5 5 5 7 7

Their starting attacks are Anticipate and Shred, but can be altered using Battle Stones.

Skins & AccentsEdit

A list of available Gaoler skins and accents can be found on the wiki. Remember that these do not include every single skin/accent on site, only the official ones that can be found during holidays, drop in the Coliseum, or are for sale in the Marketplace.


  • The word 'gaol' is an old English spelling of the word 'jail'. Though 'jail' is the official modern term according to the Oxford English Dictionary, 'gaol' is actually still in use in some parts of the world.[1][2]
  • Gaolers were the first Ancient Breed to be released on site, as a part of Flight Risings 6th anniversary.[3]
    • They were first referenced in a teaser by Aequorin,[4] hinting towards the Gaoler society's structure of Orders. The breed was revealed a few days later.
  • Gaolers were first mentioned a year before their release in the short story Jailbreak.
  • Gaolers can detect the Shade by scent, even in small amounts, as shown in the short story Cracks in the Ice.
  • Tundra Dragons very likely share a common ancestor with Gaolers. A post from Aequorin in 2016 states that "dragon breeds today are long-descended forms of unique breeds created by the deities."[5]
  • Gaolers were responsible for bringing the Banescale Dragons to near extinction centuries ago in a war between Ice and Fire. If not for a group of Sentries sealing the unhatched eggs they found in ice instead of destroying them, the entire species may have been wiped out.



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