Gems Icon gem are an alternate currency in Flight Rising. They are "used for purchasing special items, expanding certain site features, obtaining rare dragon breeds, and upgrading your account"[1].

Unlike Treasure, gems cannot earned through playing games; instead, they may be purchased with real-world currency (at a rate of $1 per 100-115 gems, depending on how many are purchased at once) or traded for in-game items or dragons with other players in the Auction House or Crossroads. Using the Crossroads, players can also securely trade each other gems for treasure if they wish.

Earning GemsEdit

However, it is possible to earn gems at a very slow rate through the game; if you keep your dragons' Energy over 80% for three full days, you will begin to earn 1 gem per day that you continue to keep your dragons' energy high. If your dragons' energy falls below 80%, you will stop accumulating gems, but will not lose the gems you have already accumulated.

Gems can also rarely be gotten by exalting dragons and can be found in some chests or container items, albeit at a much lower quantity than treasure.

Chests that contain gems in addition to treasure and (depending on the chest) other items:

Purchasing GemsEdit


Gems can be purchased from Flight Rising with a Paypal account. Currently there is no other option for payment, though the admins have stated that they may add other methods in the future.

When you select the gem package you want to purchase, you will be taken from the Flight Rising website to Paypal. Once there, you will complete the transaction, and will be redirected back to Flight Rising.

The purchase and billing of gems happens entirely through Paypal. When the transaction is completed, Paypal will send us a message that your account made a successful payment for gems and your gems will be credited to your account automatically.[2] If you named another player as a referrer when you joined flight rising, that player will get a bonus amount of gems when you purchase gems, equal to 1% of your purchase amount.


  • The dragon that appears on the page for purchasing gems is Pearl, one of the site Courier Dragons.
  • The gem-to-treasure ratio is entirely dependent on the userbase and even individual user preference. In the early days of the site the ratio was sometimes as low as 150 treasure to 1 gem.