The Goblin set of familiars was released June 2016 – May 2017.

Hoard order Name ID Number Flight Icon Full Image
428 Shining Goblin 18615 Light Flight
Shining Goblin Icon
Shining Goblin
431 Sparkling Goblin 19057 Lightning Flight
Sparkling Goblin Icon
Sparkling Goblin
434 Blazing Goblin 19323 Fire Flight
Blazing Goblin Icon
Blazing Goblin
441 Enchanting Goblin 19712 Arcane Flight
Enchanting Goblin Icon
Enchanting Goblin
462 Enduring Goblin 20177 Plague Flight
Enduring Goblin Icon
Enduring Goblin
463 Crumbling Goblin 20635 Earth Flight
Crumbling Goblin Icon
Crumbling Goblin
494 Frozen Goblin 21153 Ice Flight
Frozen Goblin Icon
Frozen Goblin
523 Obscuring Goblin 21592 Shadow Flight
Obscuring Goblin Icon
Obscuring Goblin
528 Gusting Goblin 21979 Wind Flight
Gusting Goblin Icon
Gusting Goblin
529 Bubbling Goblin 22258 Water Flight
Bubbling Goblin Icon
Bubbling Goblin
544 Sprouting Goblin 22940 Nature Flight
Sprouting Goblin Icon
Sprouting Goblin
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