Elemental Holidays, or elemental festivals, are in-game events in which the Festive Favors shop will be open, selling annual items.

Each monthly holiday celebrates one of the 11 Elemental Flights, occurring on the last week of every month (barring December). Each will begin at 6:00 on a Sunday, and end at 6:00 the following Sunday, Flight Rising server time (PST/PDT).

Other seasonal events, like the Valentine's items or Flight Rising's anniversary celebration, also occur yearly and could be considered holidays of sorts. These are not canon celebrations in the world of Flight Rising however. Micro-holidays, like Drakeharvest, on the other hand do follow the lore of the world.


The close of the The Third Age coincided with a deterioration of trust and cooperation between the elemental flights; the gods fell into a deep bitterness for several thousand years. Since that time, however, the children of each have come to accept their places in the new world, even nurturing a growing reverence for their elemental cousins.

About once a month, all dragonkind comes together to celebrate one of the eleven elements for an entire week. Holidays are meant as an armistice time and conflict is discouraged.[1]

Festive FavorsEdit

Holiday Skins and AccentsEdit

Before each festival, a contest is held to create skins and accents that will be released to the public for the length of the holiday. 12 of the 14 winning skins are buyable in the Marketplace for 35,000 treasure; 2 are exclusive to Baldwin's Bubbling Brew. 6 of the non-Baldwin skins will also be available in exclusive chests, obtained from Coliseum enemies (neutral or the holiday's element), or from digging in the respective elemental region while gathering.

The contest winners are chosen by site admins. Winners are credited in the tooltip of the skin, and also receive a copy of their winning skin, 1,500 gems, an Artist's Vista, and a Skin Blueprint (5).[3]

List of HolidaysEdit

Below are the months in which each holiday is celebrated:

Month Holiday Elemental Flight: First Celebrated:
JanuaryCrystalline GalaIce2014
FebruaryTrickmurk CircusShadow2014
MarchMistral JamboreeWind2014
AprilWavecrest SaturnaliaWater2014
MayGreenskeeper GatheringNature2014
JuneBrightshine JubileeLight2013
JulyThundercrack CarnivaleLightning2013
AugustFlameforger's FestivalFire2013
SeptemberStarfall CelebrationArcane2013
OctoberRiot of RotPlague2013
NovemberRockbreaker's CeremonyEarth2013
December **Night of the NocturneNone2014

**Night of the Nocturne is an event that runs near the end of December, but is not considered an elemental holiday.

Micro-Holidays and Seasonal EventsEdit

There are some minor "holidays" that come around every year. Unlike the more involved Elemental Holidays and Night of the Nocturne, these small events only span a few days and only have a few things that happen during them.

Bounty of the Elements was a one time event in March of 2018 celebrating the site reaching its goal of full time open registration. It could be considered a "micro-holiday" of sorts in that it provided new items (the Swiftbrood Boon and Miniature Sornieth Globe), Coliseum experience bonuses, and new lore.

Timeframe Occasion/Holiday What's Happening?
The week of February 14thValentine's DayThe Valentine's items are cycled in for seven days.
Early March
SpringswarmThe special insect items Buzzing Rotwood and Teeming Loghive are found in all venues and drop from any enemy. All experience gains are increased by 50%. Undergrowth Shovelsnouts and Mossy Beetleboars can be obtained in the coliseum and rarely by insect catching.
April 1stApril Fool's DayA prank chest is placed in every user's hoard without warning and the site has some overarching prank to the layout. Everything goes back to normal on April 2nd and the prank chests become real chests with special items in them.
June 8thFlight Rising's AnniversarySome new site mechanic is typically introduced. Players will also receive some kind of gift item(s) from Galore.
Sunparched ProwlThe special meat items Bundle of Haunchmeat and Salted Game are found in all venues and drop from any enemy. All experience gains are increased by 50%. Runescar Lynxes and Scorchpaw Prowlers can be obtained in the coliseum and rarely by hunting.
DrakeharvestThe special plant items Heavy Grainbasket and Horn of Plenty are found in all venues and drop from any enemy. All experience gains are increased by 50%. Plantation Pinchers and Harvest Hardshells can be obtained in the coliseum and rarely by foraging.
September 19th and a few days afterwardsTalk Like a Pirate DayThe Seaspray Collection cycles into the Gem Marketplace
End of NovemberAmerican ThanksgivingWoodland Turkeys are found in the Boreal Wood venue of the Coliseum and while Hunting
Frigidfin ExpeditionThe special seafood items Bountiful Fishnet and Overflowing Fishbasket are found in all venues and drop from any enemy. All experience gains are increased by 50%. Chillriver Bucktooths and Fenfisher Flattails can be obtained in the coliseum and rarely by fishing.


  • In the past, only half of the skins were buyable, and the other half were exclusive to the chests.[4] Having all of them available via the Marketplace was tested during the 2014 Trickmurk Circus,[5] and was permanently implemented starting with the 2014 Greenskeeper Gathering.[6]
  • There are reasons for the order of the elemental holidays.[7] From the Weekly Q&A thread (Page 529): "As far as the months that were assigned, they very loosely correspond with a variety of factors. Note: These factors typically do not affect Sornieth. This is simply the admin's internal logic at work rather than rolling the dice on the holidays! A lot of this relates to where we live, which is in the northern hemisphere in North America.
    • June: Light - The Longest day of the year occurs during June.
    • July: Lightning - Depending on the area you live in you can see heat lightning, which seemed to fit well with desert-dwelling electric dragons.
    • August: Fire - It's hot. It's so hot. Fire is hot. August is hot like fire. It burns.
    • September: Arcane - A new year of school is starting: time to learn.
    • October: Plague - Many plants are in the process of dying off for the year, ready to come back later.
    • November: Earth - Trees have dropped their leaves, but snow has not yet fallen. You see a lot of bare earth. The last harvests are pulled in, further exposing it.
    • January: Ice - Depending on where you live, there may be a good deal of snow and icy temperatures at work.
    • February: Shadow - Long nights and long shadows! (December does contain the longest night, but we didn't want to put an elemental holiday in that month.)
    • March: Wind - In the northern hemisphere March is a notoriously windy month.
    • April: Water - April showers, etc.
    • May: Nature - It's safe to plant most flowers and gardens. Greenery everywhere!"


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