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Mirror Dragons are known for their savagery and their hunger. They are social predators that run in immense packs. The species originates from The Abiding Boneyard, but their migratory nature sees packs roaming to every corner of the world.

Physical Attributes

Mirror dragons are a medium-sized dragon that possesses two sets of eyes. The larger set allows them to see light, while the smaller forward-set pair allows them to track their prey by heat signature. Each mirror dragon has a rigid, fanned crest that is used in displays of dominance. Theses crests are made of cartilage and dense fibrous flesh, and hold their static shape well when healthy.[1]

Mirrors are one of the few dragon species that prefer to do the bulk of their travel across the surface of the earth rather than over it. They are tireless on the land, running their prey down at sprint speeds of up to 50 miles an hour. These predators are capable of short-duration flights, but will quickly tire and return to earth. This may be due to their metabolism, which is a formidable beast; the average adult mirror will consume its body weight in prey each month.


Mirror dragons prefer travel and hunt with their own kind, and do not mix well with other dragon species. They form transitory packs, made largely from whoever happens to be in the area at any given time. These leaderless packs merge, grow, and split constantly. A typical pack size ranges between 5-40 members. Lone mirrors by choice are an anomaly. A more typical encounter with a single mirror dragon occurs when an individual is injured or incapable of keeping up with the pack. Injured mirrors have been taken in and treated by other dragon species, but as soon as the mirror is physically capable they leave to rejoin the hunt.

Mirrors do not put much stock in chatter; that's not to say that they're incapable; most simply don't see the need. A dragon knows who its friends and allies are, and if one wants to communicate they should do so by action, not pithy words. 


Mirror lairs are temporary occupied structures owned by no pack or clan. They are constructed from whatever material can be easily scavenged. These structures are abandoned when a pack had depleted all a hunting ground and moves onto a new territory. After the prey population in a depleted region has had a chance to recover, a new mirror pack may move into the vacated lair.


Mirror dragons prefer to keep any combat on the ground. While not particularly agile in the air, the speed and power of a pack of mirror dragons is a force to contend with.

Mirror "tactics" tend to be straightforward. If you see an enemy, kill it, and do so as quickly as possible. Most mirrors fight tooth and claw, though there are a handful of casters among their number.

Coliseum Info

Starting stats for mirrors at level 1 are:

7 6 8 5 8 6 5

Their starting attacks are Scratch and Shred, but can be altered using Battle Stones.

Skins & Accents

A list of available mirror skins and accents can be found on the wiki. Remember that these do not include every single skin/accent on site, only the official ones that can be found during holidays, drop in the coliseum, or are for sale in the marketplace.


  • Mirrors got their name because they initially had a lot more duplicate body parts (in their initial sketch they had two sets of eyes, two tails, two sets of wings, and two sets of front legs.) Since so many body parts were duplicated/mirrored, they were called mirror dragons. The name stuck even after the artists opted not to have them have all the extras.[1]




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