Pearlcatcher Dragons are haughty, independent creatures who consider themselves apart from the rest of dragonkind. The pearlcatcher species originates from the Sunbeam Ruins, where their population continues to thrive.

Physical Attributes

Pearlcatchers are a mid-sized breed. Females possess a single, shining horn, while males have two. These dragons have compact bodies and leathery wings. A short, coarse mane runs down the length of their head and neck, and tufts of fur sprout from their elbows, ankles, and tail tips. Two long, sensitive whiskers grow from their muzzles, and they have large, mobile ears capable of independent movement.

The average size of a Pearlcatcher dragon varies slightly between males and females, with males being larger on average. Male Pearlcatchers average at a 5.64 meter length, 5.56 meter wingspan, and a weight of 534.62 kilograms. Females average at a 5.54 meter length, 5.34 meter wingspan, and a weight of 519.47 kilograms.[1]


A pearlcatcher knows its species to be the pinnacle of dragonkind, and each individual rests secure in the knowledge that they are at the top tier of that select species. Pearlcatchers are known for their love of gossip; choice tidbits and secrets of other dragons are a currency among them worth more than mere gold.


The most notable feature of a pearlcatcher dragon is the large, lustrous sphere carried with them at all times. After hatching, a young dragon will immediately consume its eggshell before its wings have had the chance to finish drying. Several hours later, they will regurgitate a large, lustrous pearl. They grow and maintain their pearl by secreting a thick, black mucus that cures to a smooth, iridescent sheen. Each new layer added to their pearl is believed to be the essence of what they've recently experienced, a memory made tangible and added to the whole of who they are.

Pearlcatchers regard their pearls as the vessel for their essence, and the most vital, important piece of themselves. A dragon that has lost its pearl believes that it has lost its identity. Pearl-less dragons are outcast from pearlcatcher society, and must make their way in the world by begging succor from lesser dragon species.


These dragons prefer to live in populated areas, establishing their territory in close proximity to other clans. In highly populated areas they may build their lairs directly atop of those of allied clans, creating elaborate, many-tiered structures with a mish-mash of architectural design. Clans each have a signature style; social snubs can lead to midnight vandalism, the rival clan "gifting" their nemesis with a new piece of architecture, permanently affixed to their lair.


Pearlcatchers are notorious cowards, and prefer flight to fight. An offer of current gossip is often used as a bartering chip to avoid confrontation. 

If presented with a situation where they have an overwhelming advantage over a much-hated foe, they will hover from a safe distance and attack their enemies with long-range magical attacks. The moment this distance seems likely to be closed, they will attempt to flee.

Coliseum Info

Starting stats for pearlcatchers at level 1 are:

6 6 6 7 7 6 7

Their starting attacks are Meditate and Contuse, but can be altered using Battle Stones.

Skins & Accents

A list of available pearlcatcher skins and accents can be found on the wiki. Remember that these do not include every single skin/accent on site, only the official ones that can be found during holidays, drop in the coliseum, or are for sale in the marketplace.


Pearlcatcher dragons by neondragon

Pearlcatcher dragons by Flight Rising artist Jessica Peffer (Undel)

  • In the site's lore, when a dragon is scrolled to or from a Pearlcatcher, their pearl would stick around. It's no longer biologically part of the dragon and thus magical scrolls wouldn't affect it. While the pearl may still be around, it would no longer be able to be grown any further as only Pearlcatchers can add to a pearl.[2]
  • Pearlcatchers created with scrolls, in lore, may go without a pearl though others will find a small object important to them and begin coating it over time to become their new pearl, with the object at its core. These pearls are not perfect spheres like natural-born Pearlcatcher pearls, but can still be quite beautiful and unique.[3]
  • The Pearlcatcher's design is an update of the rejected Swiftwings.[4]
  • The Glimmer tertiary gene will change the color and texture of the pearl based on the associated tertiary color.

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