Pinkerton-Crims brother

Pinkerton is a male Tundra Dragon in Flight Rising who runs a stall at the Trading Post. He is the brother of Crim, another Trading Post vendor. Unlike his sister, who is cheerful and welcoming, Pinkerton wears a beleaguered expression and is a little brusque with the player.

Pinkerton believes that Crim's tendency to collect items in exchange for treasure is actually a hoarding problem, and will give players one random item from her "monstrous pile of stuff", once per day (to avoid her noticing that the items have gone missing). These items range from the mundane and commonplace, like single food items, to rare and exotic.

Pinkerton may have a chance to give out anything aside from retired items, gene/breed scrolls, and gem bought items. Whether this is true or not, a player is much more likely to get a one or two star material item like twigs, rocks, or bones.

Pinkerton ExclusivesEdit

There are some items that can only be originally obtained from Pinkerton's pile.

April Fool's Day Rabbits Edit

Originally found in their respective hat-themed chests, which are retired, the familiars themselves are not. They can be obtained via Pinkerton's pile.


  • One of Tomo's questions is "What color dragon is Pinkerton the Plunderer?" and the answer is "Sand and Midnight," seeing as he has a basic Sand primary, and a basic Midnight secondary.
  • Pinkerton is from Fire Flight.[1]
  • Pinkerton is one of the images featured in the Jigsaw game in the Fairgrounds.
  • Users have claimed to have gotten Unhatched Eggs, Eliminates, and various shiny star familiars from Pink's pile.
  • Pinkerton's left horn is broken.