Play is a header index in Flight Rising. It lists different ways you can interact with the site.



The fairgrounds is the hub for all the games you can play on the site. Playing games earns you treasure, but there is a daily cap of 75,000 Icon treasure.

Games currently on the site include:



The coliseum is a place where you can battle monsters with your own dragons. Defeating monsters earns you all sorts of loot and gives your dragons experience so they can level up. Equip battle stones to your dragons to give them new attacks or abilities, each giving or taking various amounts of breath.



Every week, each flight competes for dominance. The winning flight is that which exalts the most dragons to its associated deity. Winning dominance isn't just for show; the top three flights get discounts in the treasure Marketplace, extra daily treasure, extra gathering turn(s) per day, and discounted lair expansions.