Runestones of the Arcanist titlescreen

Runestones of the Arcanist is a Flight Rising HTML5 game programmed by Brandon Williamson with art by Jessica "Neondragon" Peffer and music by Dominic Kovell. It is a simple game that involves matching different pairs of Runestones in a set amount of time. 



A typical runestones game-board, from an early level

Runestones is a fairly simple game, despite being one of the more techically and artistically complex activities on the site. The player is presented with a selection of Runestones, placed face down. They have a limited amount of time to flip them over and discover matcing pairs. Matching all of the pairs unlocks the next level. The boards become increasingly larger as the player progresses, with more Runestones and more elements to pair. 

Elements Edit

The Runestones shown in the game are not limited to clan affiliated elements. There are several other elements involved that are not used elsewhere on the site. The used elements include:


Certain site-related issues and lag can occasionally cause the game to glitch. Known glitches include failure to load, crashing mid game, and freezing that allows the level timer to run out and results in a game over. While not a glitch, the timer continues to count down while a matched pair disappears; this can cause the time to run out and cause a game over even when all tiles have been cleared.