Swipp's Swap Stand

There are multiple ways to spend your hard-earned treasure and gems in the game of Flight Rising!


Here you can find items for sale, for both treasure and gems. The items that cost treasure are randomly generated by the game in different intervals and quantities while the gem items stock unlimitedly and periodically go out of stock to be replaced with new items or are flat out retired. Items are organized by different categories.

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Auction HouseEdit

You can place your items and dragons for sale on the auction house. Note that there is a 1-3% tax on all transactions made with treasure depending on how long they are listed for.

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Trading PostEdit

This is where you'll find Swipp's Swap StandCrim's Collection Cart, Pinkerton's Plundered Pile, Tomo's Trivia Tablet, and Baldwin's Bubbling Brew. It has alluring alliterative appeal.  

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You can trade treasure, gems, and dragons with other players.

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Custom SkinsEdit

Tutorials, files and guidelines for creating your very own dragon custom skins. Where you can buy Blueprints.

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Festive FavorsEdit

Spend limited currency on exclusive items during elemental holidays. The Festival shop is only open the last week of each month, Except for December, which has no holiday for any flight.

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Purchase GemsEdit

Buy Gems, the premium currency of Flight Rising.

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