Skydancer dragons originate from The Reedcleft Ascent, a region that continues to boast the largest concentrated population of the species.

Physical Attributes

Skydancers are a small-to-medium sized dragon breed with a lithe frame, long legs, serpentine neck, and a long tail. These dragons are covered by a silky hide of short fur that becomes longer and denser along the spine and legs. Brilliantly colored feathers adorn their wings and form a crest around their face.

The most unusual feature of this species is the translucent bony sphere located in the center of their forehead. This gem-like orb connects directly to the skydancer's skull and the delicate antennae surrounding it are sensitive to minute vibrations. This ability allows the species to sense when magical energies are present, and to sense the disposition of other dragons and creatures by the subtle energy given off by their body and state of mind.

The average size of a Skydancer dragon varies a bit between males and females, with males being larger on average. Male Skydancers average at a 4.58 meter length, 5.44 meter wingspan, and a weight of 667.82 kilograms. Females average at a 4.17 meter length, 5.11 meter wingspan, and a weight of 633.52 kilograms.[1]


Individuals of this species are frequently chosen to mediate clan disputes. Their ability to read energy and emotion make them excellent at questioning feuding clan members and ferret out the truth of a situation. This ability is not without its weaknesses; some dragons may have energy and emotions that are difficult to read. Unscrupulous individuals with something to hide and foreknowledge that a skydancer will be questioning them may imbibe a concoction of herbs intended to alter their own energy and confound a skydancer's senses.

Like their spiral cousins, skydancers are an active species. They enjoy channeling their energy into elaborate dances and displays of aerial acrobatics.


The gentle nature of Skydancers enables them to work and socialize well with other dragon breeds. They prefer to live in large clans if possible, and will actively encourage growth and expansion in any clan smaller than several hundred members.

Skydancer clutches must be petitioned and discussed among the entire clan. Skydancers are dedicated parents. Their attention is focused on the care and rearing of their young to the exclusion of all else until their hatchlings are fully fledged. A carefully planned hatchery rotation ensures that the clan can still function as its members take time off to care for their families. The nests of skydancers are festooned with a variety of trinkets and baubles to delight and entertain the hatchlings.


Members of this species prefer act as scouts and collect intelligence for their clan over directly participating in a melee or major casting. A skydancer's energy awareness allows them to sense other dragons and magical workings from a distance making them the ideal forerunner to any warband. While they can sense a general location or direction of energies, pinpointing the precise location of energy signatures often requires getting closer than is comfortable. An added hurdle for scouting skydancers is that rival clans may also employ this species as scouts of their own, resulting in extended games of cat and mouse.

Coliseum Info

Starting stats for skydancers at level 1 are:

4 4 5 9 9 4 9

Their starting attacks are Meditate and Contuse, but can be altered using Battle Stones.

Skins & Accents

A list of available skydancer skins and accents can be found on the wiki. Remember that these do not include every single skin/accent on site, only the official ones that can be found during holidays, drop in the coliseum, or are for sale in the marketplace.


  • Skydancers were released on August 24th, 2013. Scrolls were initially hard to come by due to the mass want for the new breed, but demand stabilized within a month.
  • The concept art of this breed was done by user Scorpius who donated enough to get the Dragon Dreamer slot on the Kickstarter. Jessica "Neondragon" Peffer, who is Flight Rising's main artist, did the final lineart.
  • Skydancers are currently the only breed that start with stats below 5.

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