New Trading Post
The Trading Post is an area in Flight Rising where dragons have set up carts offering various deals to players.

Swipp runs Swipp's Swap Stand, and will reward players for bringing him specific unusual items by giving them rare or special items, or large quantities of more common items. His daughters, Pipp and Tripp, will sometimes appear to offer additional trades for an added treasure fee.

Crim runs Crim's Collection Cart. She will pay players treasure to bring her specific items. She has a list of five items she's looking for that refreshes once an hour.

Pinkerton runs Pinkerton's Plundered Pile. He is Crim's brother, and wants to reduce the "monstrous pile of stuff" she's accumulated. He will give players one random item per day from Crim's stash.

Tomo and Scribbles run Tomo's Trivia Tablet. Tomo asks the player questions and pays them for the correct answer while Scribbles, her scribe, records the answer. She asks ten questions a day.

Baldwin runs Baldwin's Bubbling Brew. At his stand, players can transmute their items into alchemical compounds. These compounds can then be combined with other materials to create exclusive craftable items! Transmuting and creating new items will yield alchemy experience. The higher your alchemy level, the more recipes are available to your clan.

Roundsey runs Roundsey's Raffle Roulette. Players can buy raffle tickets from her for a chance to win items from her weekly raffle. Tickets are 500 treasure each and a player can buy as many as they wish.


  • Swipp, Crim, and Pinkerton were originally the only dragons at the Trading Post.
    • Tomo and Scribbles joined them in the Trading Post on Flight Rising's 1st anniversary on June 8th, 2014.[1]
    • Baldwin was added for Flight Rising's 2nd anniversary on June 8th, 2015.[2]
    • Pipp and Tripp were added to Swipp's Swapp Stand on October 29th, 2015.[3]
    • Roundsey was added on August 22nd, 2018.[4]
  • The Trading Post got revamped on August 22nd, 2018. This replaced the clickable map with more distinct buttons and made it match the interface in other parts of the site like the Crossroads and Auction House. The old art is still visible, albeit faded in the background behind the buttons themselves.
    Trading post

    The old layout


  • All the stands' names are alliterations, meaning the words in their name all start with the same letter. For example; Pinkerton's Plundered Pile, Swipp's Swap Stand, Tomo's Trivia Tablet, Rounsey's Raffle Roulette.