Scavenged lightning egg
Unhatched Eggs are unique items that can be obtained in a variety of ways. When hatched from one's hoard, these eggs give the player a dragon of random colors and gender, and—depending on the type of egg—a random element or breed.

There are currently 13 types of unhatched dragon eggs: one for each elemental flight, Unhatched Nocturne Eggs, and Unhatched Bogsneak Eggs.

Elemental EggsEdit

Unhatched elemental eggs can be found rarely by Scavenging, or as loot drops from defeated monsters in the Coliseum. When hatched, they give the player a First Generation dragon (meaning it has no parents listed), whose colors and breed are randomly determined; their alignment corresponds to the egg's element. Only triple basic-gened plentiful breeds (Fae, Guardians, Mirrors, and Tundras) can be born from elemental eggs.

When looking for a specific type of egg while Gathering, one must be scavenging in the corresponding territory of the desired element, e.g. Unhatched Plague Eggs are found in the Plague region. Similarly, Coliseum enemies drop eggs of their elemental alignment.


Getting these eggs awards the player with a total of 11 achievements—one for each element. Each achievement is worth 20 points.

Breed-Specific EggsEdit

Nocturne Dragons are born from Unhatched Nocturne Eggs, which are only available during the Night of the Nocturne event in December. Unhatched Bogsneak Eggs can be brewed at Baldwin's Bubbling Brew starting at level 16. Unlike the elemental variants, these dragons' elemental alignments are determined randomly when hatched. Though, like the elemental eggs, a Nocturne or Bogsneak hatched from their respective eggs will be first generation, and their colors and gender will be determined randomly.